Lost your bag?
We will find it for you!

About us 

You have lost your bag and it has not been found by your airline?

After your bag is reported lost, the Lost and Found department at the airport of arrival will search for your bag as primary search for usually up to 5 days. The majority of bags is indeed found within the first 48 hours and will be sent to your arrival airport, from where the bag will be delivered to you.

After these 5 days, the case will be escalated as secondary search and usually the headquarters of the airline will take over the case and look in further depth. There are plenty of root causes, why the bag could not be found. 

After 30 days, your bag is considered as lost and you will receive compensation from the airline. This compensation does usually not cover the actual value of your bag.

Our service

Scenario 1: 

This is, where we want to start and offer our services. After the bag has been finally considered as being lost, we will start with our investigations upon your oder. This is recommendable, if your bag contains valuable items or memorabilia which cannot be replaced. We will start to track your bag, find the root cause and use our network to identify your bag and get it back to you.

Secnario 2:

Your bag is delayed, but you need it urgently and there is no time to wait for it to be picked up. We will collect your bag at the airport where it got lost and find an option to deliver the bag to you. This can either be a person flying on the same route and take your bag along or if there are no other flights, we might even rent a private aircraft or a helicopter for delivery. 

What we do different:

We will the necessary time to search your bag. Understanding, why it got lost (incorrect tag, misrouted, left behind, tagless) and go from there. We will check the loading lists of the flight, if available and search the storages in the airports where tagless bags are stored. There are a lot of detailed information needed and helpful to identify your bag.